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With over thirty years experience, we are experts on gas purchasing, supply, shipping and regulation

Meet our customer-facing team

Helen Edwards


Helen has over 40 years’ experience in the energy industry and is an expert on gas purchasing, supply, shipping and regulation in the UK and Ireland.

Her roles in trading, gas shipping and pricing means she has a very commodity-centric view of energy markets. She founded Ceres Energy in 2008 with a former colleague with the intention of using the spare capacity in her company and his business contacts in Ireland. In 2012, she moved the focus of the company to green gas.

Helen became managing director of Barrow in 2021 when it was bought by Ceres and became chief executive officer in 2022. Previously, in 2000, she founded a company to provide consultancy and trading services to E&P companies; notable clients included Tullow Oil and Sterling Resources. That company effectively merged with Ceres in 2018. In the mid 90’s, she worked at Northern Electric where she was responsible for creating and managing the gas trading and shipping operation, a role which included negotiating and then operating major gas and power contracts as well as regulatory and policy matters. She gained her initial expertise in long term gas purchase contracts at British Gas in the early 1990’s.

She started her career as an oil refiner at Texaco Canada and then as a principle investigator at the Institute for Hydrogen Systems.

Graeme Hunter

Chief Operating Officer

Graeme has been increasingly focussed on applying his expertise in fossil gas to green gas.

Graeme has over 30 years’ experience in the energy sector, dealing with national and international gas portfolios for major companies. Graeme’s expertise is gas balancing, trading, shortfall risk mitigation, operations and the vast interactions within the gas commodity, green certificate and support scheme markets.

Graeme oversees the operational activities at Barrow Shipping, which entered the green gas markets in 2012.

In 2002, Graeme and Helen set-up a jointly owned subsidiary of her company and provided consultancy and trading services for various E&P companies, including Tullow Oil and Nephin Energy. Graeme worked at Northern Electric from 1989 until 2001 in a variety of roles, lastly as the Gas Trading and Operations Manager. 

Rosanna Butters

Managing Director

Rosanna is taking on the responsibilities that Helen Edwards has carried out since 2008 to manage all areas of Barrow Shipping.

Her special expertise is in project delivery and organisational improvements, and she has led several multi-organisational carbon reduction and sustainability projects and knowledge-sharing initiatives. At the UK Green Gas Day 2023 Rosanna gave a talk on ‘Turning Gas into Money: Optimised Routes to Market’ for delegates from the across the biomethane industry.

Rosanna joined Barrow in 2022 after spending seven years at Transport for London, where she was a senior project manager of multiple major engineering projects and TfL’s Sustainability Ambassador for the pan-industry Major Projects Association.

Jonny Parlett

Head of Analytics

Jonny provides analytical support to existing and new green gas projects to ensure clients maximise their commercial value.

He works on a variety of projects ranging in specialisation, from researching industry schemes to financial modelling at different levels. Jonny also works in the gas operations team.

Emmanouil Mavroudis

Senior Green Gas Coordinator

Emmanouil is part of the gas operations and trading team, with a particular focus on green gas certificates for gas delivered to the grid or to road transport.

Emmanouil is involved in industry discussions and consultations on biomethane and on hydrogen transition barriers and its effect on the biomethane industry.

Mark Todhunter

Industry Operations Specialist

Mark has over 6 years’ experience in biogas and is the lead for Supply Point Administration.

He also provides RHI and GGSS support for producers to ensure quarterly claims are submitted accurately and in a timely manner. Mark manages planning and logistics for industry.

Mark Runnacles Goodridge

Green Commodities & Business Process Coordinator

Mark manages the sale and purchase of green certificates on behalf of producers and keeps them up to date with the latest prices and market developments.

He supports suppliers in obtaining and maintaining their ISCC-accredited status and is involved in industry discussions and consultations.

Sam Clutterbuck

Head of Gas Operations and Trading

Sam leads the gas operations and trading team at Barrow Green Gas and oversees daily operations, nominations, gas balancing and portfolio risk management and exposure.

He is the main point of contact for any queries related to general gas pricing, hedging, production and shipping.



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